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All of our merchandise is designed by Brazilian Miss and made in Brazil with the finest fabric made to enhance the body's natural movement. Our company is located in Atlanta, GA. The dri-FIT material makes it a perfect fitness wear and the stylish patterns allows you to live fashionably fit! All U.S. orders are free and during checkout, use code: FIT for 10% off your first order. 

Brazilian Miss Jumpsuits is about developing sexy, fashionable wear that promotes health and comfort. Our Jumpsuits are made from microfiber, which is a fabric that offers both great tear resistance, durability and when stretched, it always reverts to its original form. The jumpsuits actually shape the body, hides imperfections such as cellulite and also allow better blood circulation thus reducing the risk of spider veins and cellulite as well.  Wearing soft, comfortable clothes, that shows off your sexy curves should be an everyday occurrence, something you owe yourself regularly - not just a treat.   


Jumpsuits just makes life easier! No more having to continually adjust your outfit or ponder about what to wear. All you need to do is slip on your favorite jumpsuit and you are out the door.  The high-performance microfiber moves sweat away from the body making it a great fitness wear. I personally wear my jumpsuits daily and I easily go from running errands, to going out with friends. to going to the gym without having to change and yet looking and feeling sexy!